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eCareNow TeleHealth Disclaimer

Last Updated on March 21th, 2021

  • eCareNow provider(s) offers online and in-person care. It is not available in every state. 

  • eCareNow services should not be used in case of emergency whether it is a weekend or a holiday. If you have a medical emergency, please call 911.

  • eCareNow provider(s) offers comprehensive care for in-office patients only.  eCareNow TeleHealth offers problem-focused care online and in-person. Therefore, if you use our services remotely only - we do not replace your relationship with your Primary Care Provider. Continue following up with your PCP, our provider(s) or other doctors who are involved in your care per their recommended schedule.   

  • eCareNow does not text any information to your mobile phone number, unless you request it. However, you may get an SMS notification to your phone if your prescription was submitted from the third party (ex. iPrescribe platform) .

  • eCareNow may email you a notification about your appointment details. The notification will contain your name, your phone number and the service name. We advise to not write any health related information under comments section when you book the appointment because it may (may not) generate to the notification emailed back to you.

  • eCareNow provider(s) does not guarantee that your prescription request will be fulfilled, but it does guarantee a full refund if eCareNow cannot fulfill the service you are requesting. eCareNow fees are non-refundable if you missed your appointment without notifying us at least 4 hrs prior the appointment (specific reasons and cases will be considered individually such as family or medical emergencies, etc). 

  • eCareNow TeleHealth provider(s) offers services listed on the website. Click Home page and select "What do we treat remotely?"

  • eCareNow is not an insurance product.

  • eCareNow TeleHealth accepts major commercial health insurance plans, medicare, and medicaid (in some states). If eCareNow is not in your health insurance network, it will be cash based service.

  • eCareNow operates subject to state regulations and may not be available in certain states, including your state of residence.

  • eCareNow medical provider(s) reserve the right to deny treatment if they believe a patient may be better served by an in-person provider, or for any other reason according to their professional judgment.

  • eCareNow provides HIPAA compliant technological and other services to connect patients to licensed medical providers.   

  • eCareNow may follow up with you in 1-3 days after the appointment by calling your phone number, via patient portal, or email (depends what you selected in your HIPAA consent). 

  • eCareNow does not leave voicemail asking to call us back or with any other information. 

  • eCareNow in-person and TeleHealth practice may edit this Disclaimer anytime but the current version will be always published with the date when it was last updated.

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