Lose weight and improve your blood glucose with Semaglutide/Cyanocobalamin weekly injections

Semaglutide injectables is a great addition to our weight loss program that we currently offer. 


What is Semaglutide?


Semaglutide is a drug that mimics glucagon-like peptide -1 hormone. Semaglutide is sold under brand name Ozempic or Wegovy which was recently FDA approved for weight loss. We started many of our patients on Wegovy and they have successfuly lost 10-15% of their body fat. 

However, due to the cost of Wegovy and nationwide shortage of the medication, we are launching a new offer - Semaglutide compounded with Cyanocobalamin. If you are a local patient to us, we can administer the injections in our office once a week. If you are a distant patient, we will prescribe compounded Semaglutide/Cyanocobalamin for you for self-administering at home. We will teach you how to properly administer subcuteneous injections, about the dosing schedule, and how to discard the needles safely. 

  • Introductory Prices until 12/2022

  • 4 | 8 | 12 Week Packages

  • Weekly Injectable

  • Lifestyle Modifications

  • Dietary Modifications

  • Weekly Weigh-in Nurse Visits

Please contact us for more details:

Email: info@ecarenow.net

Phone: 240-815-5978